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Red Wing 877 & 10877 - Boot Comfort That Has Standed The Test Of Time

The Red Wing 877, also now10877, boots have been around since 1905. They are a part of Red Wing's popular classic line of work boots. Travel to any jobsite and you have a great chance of finding a pair on someones feet.

New Boot

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They are a 8in soft toe work boot that features Red Wing's signature leather, known for its durability and ability to conform to the wearer's foot over time. NOTE this is not a comfortable boot at first fit. You have to work it in like a baseball glove. Work it them, sweat in them, put on the Miles! THEN they will fit like a moccasin slipper you will not want to take off. These boots are very light. They are very breathable due to the all leather design, keeping your feet much dryer when sweating compared to competitor boots I have worn. To put a Cherry on top; This is one of the only boots Red Wing makes that is still 100% made in the USA, Red Wing Minnesota.

Freshly broken in boot, feeling like a slipper!

Rolling in at $300 for a pair of boots is an investment. The main reason to fork out the money is for the comfort and time you will put into the boots. Once they fit like a moccosin slipper you will not want to get rid of them. One KEY capability of these boots is the resoling capability, from the Factory. To get your Red Wing boots resoled, you can take them to a Red Wing store and they will ship them to the factory in Red Wing, MN to get resoled. Red Wing will use the same materials and construction techniques as the original soles, ensuring that your boots will continue to provide the same level of comfort and durability as before.

The cost of resoling your Red Wing boots at this time through the factory is about $100. This $100 will extend the life of your boot to 2x. And you can resole them as many times as you would like, which could be decades if the leather is taken care of.

Old 877, neglected and not taken care of. Follow below tips to extend your boot life!

Boot care tips to extend your leather so you can resole them multiple times:

  1. Clean your boots on a regular basis: Use a soft brush and damp cloth to clean them.

  2. Condition your boots: Use a Red Wing brand leather conditioner to soften and keep the leather conditioned to prevent cracking. Follow instructions on the bottle. Dryness and cracking is what will ruin the leather.

  3. Protect the boots: I am not a fan of using water repellent or any sprays on the boot. I think they seal the boot and prevent the boot from breathing, which is one main benefit to the boot. The real leather breathes and keeps your feet dryer from sweat. To protect them in harsh weather; DONT wear them, wear rubber boots or put rubber boot covers over your Red Wings.

Great Boots! Great Fit! Go get some!

- Garrett Carlson [2023]

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