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More Than Standard Electrical Options!

Quick & Simple! There are more options than your typical toggle light switch and standard outlet. Here are a few of the most common we use while building and customizing for our clients:

Light Switch Styles:

Standard Toggle Switch: This is the switch that is the standard, and installed in most situations, by most builders. It is the cheapest option and a classic.

Rocker Switch: Considered an upgrade in many cases. I consider it a much cleaner option; I'm talking looks and maintenance. Looks clean, and cleans much easier than a toggle switch if you have sticky fingered little kids.

Timer Switches: These are awesome! Especially for your outdoor lights. Set and forget! The timer switch has many options and settings. The main feature we like about them is that you can set them to adjust to daylight times, so they turn on and off with the sun. Turn off at sunrise and turn on at sunset.

Motion Switches: Motion switches turn the lights on when sensing motion. Closets and pantries are great locations for these switches!

Smart Switches: These switches are connected to a main controller somewhere in your home. They sync all together so you can control your whole home lighting from one single location and or from your phone.

Outlet Styles:

Standard Outlet: This is the option that will be selected if you do not have a preference. It is the most common and the cheapest. A classic.

Decora Outlet: This is considered and upgrade. It goes along very well with the rocker switches. Very clean look.

USB Outlet: These are also considered an upgrade. Great for drop area locations in your home and bedsides. These outlets have your typcial 15A or 20A plug in locations plus USB Type A and C plug in locations.

USB Outlet w/Type A & C

Smart Outlets: These outlets are connected to the same main controller in your home that the lights are connected to. In sync, you can control your outlets from a single location in you home or from your phone. A great location for these are soffit outlets so you can control Christmas lights.

These are a just a few options to go above an beyond the standard. Make it custom!

- Garrett Carlson 2023


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